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Beginner’s guide to car insurance

guide to car insurance for beginner
Are you looking forward to buying a brand new car from the saving of your first job but are confused about the insurance packages offered? You might be thinking I don’t need to get insurance packages I am a careful driver and my car has the best alarm system that would ensure its safety hence buying insurance will only mean wastage of money. Well, the truth is that accidents can happen to anybody at any time and having your car insurance covered is what will ultimately help you to deal with the financial issues. To help you out we have comprehensively compiled a beginner’s guide to car insurance that would enable you to select a good insurance package offered by a proper company that would handle any damage caused to or by your car and keeps your finances safe and sound.

What are the factors that you should consider before buying car insurance?

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that personal liability coverage must be given greatest importance because nothing is more important than your health and protection of your family. Having health insurance will help you cover the medical expenses and ensure you get the right treatment. So if a particular insurance package is not including health insurance, then it’s not a good offer to avail.
  • Always keep the factor of a major accident that could totally damage your car in mind. No matter how careful you are, you can step in a situation where everything happens so suddenly that you are unable to apprehend the cause. Therefore full coverage of your auto is highly recommended as it can cover your finances in a situation where your car is badly damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Learn about the difference and relation between premium and deductible. The deductible insurance is the amount that you pay out of your own pocket before asking for the insurance company for financial support, and it is inversely proportional to the premium amount you give to the company. So, it is better to pay more from your pocket if you can afford because this will save your car insurance for times when you are broke and totally dependent on the insurance company for the coverage of finances.

How to choose the best car insurer?

  • Choosing the auto insurer who is both responsible and reliable can prove to be a daunting task because it is the insurer or the company that will back your claims, give a timely response and saves you from a situation that would otherwise feel impossible to deal with. Enlisted below are some points you should consider while choosing the insurer for your beloved car
  • Don’t go for insurers offering great discount deals. It is only a marketing tactic to lure more customers into signing the deal, and afterward, they charge you more to balance their profit ratio.
  • Being unconcerned and uneducated is the biggest weak point you can offer to the insurers. It’s like you gave them a green signal, allowing them to empty your pockets by signing you up for deals that are of no importance. So it’s better to do some research before consulting an insurer. Learn about all the policies they offer so that they won’t be able to run away by claiming that our policy does not include coverage of this and that loss. If you have done proper research and made everything clear before signing the agreement there is no way they can fool you.
  • Investigate the financial strength of the company before you buy car insurance because this is what will determine their ability to take timely action, resolve the issue and keep you free from all the tension by keeping your finances covered.

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Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance (Infographic)

Regardless if you’re a first-time car owner or not, knowing how comprehensive insurance works, and how it can help you make significant cost-savings in case you’ve got into an accident will surely make you want to purchase one. Don’t believe us? Well, here are some ways comprehensive insurance can save you from potential headaches.

In countries where Compulsory Third-Party Life Insurance (CPTL) is the standard required car insurance enforced by the government, car owners who have their cars insured no longer have to worry about paying for damages, repairs, medical bills, and other expenses that might result from collisions where they are at fault.

No matter how skilled driver you are, accidents are inevitable because of reckless drivers that you will encounter on the road. That said, having a CPTL would mean protection from shocking expenses in case you’ve been in an accident and a passenger gets injured or killed. But beyond that, it gives the peace of mind every time you hit the road.

However, as the name implies, CPTL does not cover you for any damages that you may suffer from the same accident, or from any accidents where there is no collision that took place. This is where comprehensive car insurance comes in.

A comprehensive car insurance provides you greater protection than a CPTL can provide. As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance covers you on accidents that are considered to be your fault, as well to those when fault cannot be proven. For instance, you find your car vandalized, dented, or scratched just as before you drive your way to work.

Aside from minor incidents, this type of insurance allows you to claim your insurer in case your get damaged from natural disasters such as flood or earthquakes. At worst case scenario, comprehensive car protects you from financial stress in case your car got stolen.

Essentially, comprehensive car insurance provides complete coverage every situation that puts you at disadvantage. However, the coverage may differ from companies to companies. There are car insurance providers that can give you additional coverage depending on the limit of the plans available, coverage amount, and to your needs even. That said, it is advisable to shop around and make your research to get the best coverage possible.

To learn more about this topic, check the infographic below from which discuss how comprehensive insurance works and why every car owners must have it.
Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance