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Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance

health insurance myths

“Access to health insurance has a tremendous payoff” -Randy Dunn

It has been said that among man’s possessions, the greatest wealth is found in health. True as this may be, men and women alike are often seen neglecting their health and putting it in the backburner in pursuit of trivial affairs such as vices and the utter disregard for stress and disease. However, even those who take excellent care of themselves are not immune to developing diseases as it can strike anyone at anytime. Anyone is susceptible and for this reason, we should be adequately prepared. Today, accidental health insurance and other forms of insurances have been developed to guarantee that the average individual may avail of health care services even in the event of shortage of funds. Unfortunately, most individuals resist the idea of buying health insurance thinking of it as an added and unnecessary expense. Others have been misinformed by misconceptions they have formed as regards it such as the ones listed below:

1) Smokers are not eligible for health insurance

A huge fraction of individuals fail to get their health insured for the reason that they believe that their smoking habit or dalliance with the habit in the past makes them ineligible for a health insurance, or else they would have to pay an exorbitant premium for it. While you may pose a higher risk for health insurance, this does not immediately disqualify you. Although you are required to undergo stricter health tests before health insurance would be offered.

2) Fit individuals need no insurance

Fit individuals have a feeling of invincibility and invulnerability about them simply because they choose to lead a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. Although these are excellent things that would certainly keep you healthy, they are no safeguard to diseases you might develop. There are other factors such as accidents and genetic diseases you have no control over and might develop. With this in mind, it is still better to be prepared sufficiently.

3) Employer provided insurance is sufficient

More often than not, your employment will offer you some benefits and health insurance would be one of them. Unfortunately, should you need any surgeries or hospitalization, your employer provided insurance would barely cover the costs. Group insurance policies and individual ones have a stark difference and while your corporate policies might be useful, they would not cover your aging parents and dependents and may even require you to make additional payments.

4) You are paid only if you are hospitalized

Many individuals would not get themselves insured as they think they would only benefit from a health insurance when they get hospitalized or get sick. However, this is far from the truth as it is not always necessary to be hospitalized just to undergo a surgery. In some cases, you might develop scars, warts or any other ailments that would require only out-patient procedures which do not require any hospitalization at all. Additionally, some health insurance policies would extend beyond anything health related ailments and would also cover dental ones making it even more beneficial to those who are insured.


Free dental insurance for low-income and unemployed in US

If you or a loved one have serious dental health problems, troubles with pain, do not have, or have not had dental insurance in a very long time and are looking for an affordable, or no-cost solution there is good news for you. There are not only multiple government but also non-profit organizations in place that can assist you. Let’s look at some common and popular routes for how to find or get the dental health care you need.

Free Clinics – Have you researched your local “Free Clinics”? While some advertise as such, unless it’s an official government facility it may very well come with some fees to offset their costs. Even those that are official government facilities can tack on appointment fees, although there are others that don’t and can even help you get the necessary medication for an affordable cost or no cost at all to you.

Dental Schools – Try searching Craigslist or other local social media websites and browse the newspaper to see if there are any local advertisements by – accredited – universities near you that are conducting “trials” that may be relevant and include the dental care you require.

Medicaid – Have you explored Medicaid, applied and received a response, or checked out the ACA or local Affordable Healthcare Act? This is an extension of Medicaid and the professionals there may be able to assist you, or send you the right direction and help you find what you need.

The Health Resources and Services Administration – Have you explored the Health Resources and Services Administration website, researched, or attempted to contact this government agency? They can help you in some cases find a local, licensed and trusted dentist that will accept substantially less for dental care, or on a “sliding scale” appropriate to your current wages as they see fit.

Nonprofit Organizations – Have you researched whether or not any local (international) non-profits such as the United Way and how they might be able to help you? They receive in some cases not only grants from the government but also donors and many of these nonprofit organizations are operated solely off of donations for the purpose of providing much needed health and dental care. The United Way has a strong reputation for providing health and mental health services to those that cannot afford it, and more than likely can set you up with the necessary point of contacts, or at the very least give you ideas and other possible nonprofits that might have the funding and availability to assist you and get the dental care you need.

If you are in serious pain and are experiencing a medical, dental emergency you always have the option of going to the local Emergency Room. Many hospitals receive and will provide grants to cover a portion if not of the costs associated with your care. Most importantly, ensure you protect yourself, your private information, and do your due diligence in researching only legitimate solutions for receiving affordable, or no-cost dental care.

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