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Free dental insurance for low-income and unemployed in US

If you or a loved one have serious dental health problems, troubles with pain, do not have, or have not had dental insurance in a very long time and are looking for an affordable, or no-cost solution there is good news for you. There are not only multiple government but also non-profit organizations in place that can assist you. Let’s look at some common and popular routes for how to find or get the dental health care you need.

Free Clinics – Have you researched your local “Free Clinics”? While some advertise as such, unless it’s an official government facility it may very well come with some fees to offset their costs. Even those that are official government facilities can tack on appointment fees, although there are others that don’t and can even help you get the necessary medication for an affordable cost or no cost at all to you.

Dental Schools – Try searching Craigslist or other local social media websites and browse the newspaper to see if there are any local advertisements by – accredited – universities near you that are conducting “trials” that may be relevant and include the dental care you require.

Medicaid – Have you explored Medicaid, applied and received a response, or checked out the ACA or local Affordable Healthcare Act? This is an extension of Medicaid and the professionals there may be able to assist you, or send you the right direction and help you find what you need.

The Health Resources and Services Administration – Have you explored the Health Resources and Services Administration website, researched, or attempted to contact this government agency? They can help you in some cases find a local, licensed and trusted dentist that will accept substantially less for dental care, or on a “sliding scale” appropriate to your current wages as they see fit.

Nonprofit Organizations – Have you researched whether or not any local (international) non-profits such as the United Way and how they might be able to help you? They receive in some cases not only grants from the government but also donors and many of these nonprofit organizations are operated solely off of donations for the purpose of providing much needed health and dental care. The United Way has a strong reputation for providing health and mental health services to those that cannot afford it, and more than likely can set you up with the necessary point of contacts, or at the very least give you ideas and other possible nonprofits that might have the funding and availability to assist you and get the dental care you need.

If you are in serious pain and are experiencing a medical, dental emergency you always have the option of going to the local Emergency Room. Many hospitals receive and will provide grants to cover a portion if not of the costs associated with your care. Most importantly, ensure you protect yourself, your private information, and do your due diligence in researching only legitimate solutions for receiving affordable, or no-cost dental care.


Health Insurance: How It Protects You From Health And Financial Risks?

No one wants to get sick or no one even plans for this. But medical care is the requirement of all of us. Health insurance is important for all of us as it protects us. The question is how it protects us?

What Health Insurance Covers?

Health insurance covers the following costs and provides lots of other benefits.

  • Health insurance keeps you safe from the high and unexpected medical expenses.
  • You get protective care for free. Such care includes screenings, vaccines, and some other important check-ups.
  • You don’t need to pay the fine and extra amount if you have the coverage of marketplace. On the other hand, if
  • you don’t have health insurance then you need to pay extra amount in this regard.
  • You need to pay less for the health care plans that are covered by your insurance plan.
  • Important health benefits are covered by the health insurance that is important to preserve and sustain your health. These plans cover the treatment of illness and accidents, also.

Benefits of Health Insurance

You can easily handle the emergency situation. Proper care in less amount is provided before and after a baby is born. Outpatient care is provided to you and the prescription drugs are also provided. The lab tests and mental health services are covered under it. Moreover, the preventive services such as vaccination, screenings, counseling, and care for management of a chronic disease are covered while you get enrolled in a health insurance plan.

Availability of Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is not available for individuals only but also for groups. You have to meet a specific criteria to meet the government plans, for example, Medicare. Further, the plans are classified as managed care or fee-for-service will be provided. When it comes to cancer patients, they can select their specialists according to their desire. So, it is a key factor for them to choose the health care plan accordingly. Managed care usually restricts a patient to some specific health care experts who are listed and sponsored by the insurance company. On the other hand, fee-for-service provides the flexibility and freedom to choose the health care professional of own choice. This is the reason that this insurance plans is most recommended for cancer patients or the patients who are suffering from chronic illness.

Moreover, the group health care and Hair treatments provides the coverage of health care for the workers, religious companies, professional companies, student organizations, and other related groups. Most of the companies provide the group health plans to their employees in which it is allowed for their dependents to get the medical facility. The employer who offers such plans pay for the cost of health insurance plan. According to the COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986), an employee will be able to get the services of health insurance even after he left the job. This law provides the protection for the workers and their families even if they are jobless. However, the time limit matters. Hence, it is necessary for the person to pay a limited amount to continue the insurance plan. The important thing to note down is that the COBRA law works under specific circumstances such as divorce, death, job loss, and related life events. Some additional information and requirements differ on the basis of state’s law.


Medicare was created in 1965 and works under the Title 18 of the Social Security Act. This company is accessible for the people who come under the specific criteria that is set by the company. The eligibility criteria includes;

  • People who are older than 65 years
  • Younger individuals only in the case of any disability
  • People at the last stage of permanent kidney failure (renal disease)

Part A and Part B are the parts of Medicare Company. Part A works for the hospital insurance and provides the help that covers the cost that is demanded by the hospital staff due to patient’s stay at hospital, home health services, skilled nursing centers, and hospice care. Part B of the company covers the medical services including ambulances, doctor’s fee, supplies and equipment that are not covered in part A and outpatient therapy.

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