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The 5 Financial Tactics to use when Growing your Insurance Company

how to grow an insurance company
Whether you’re starting a new independent insurance agency or joining an established small firm, expanding your client base and profits is one of the most pressing concerns. Growing an insurance agency requires a blend of outthinking the competition and providing quality service clients will rave over. The following five tips will help you expand your business and see increased profits.

Seek Additional Education

Every state has a minimum education requirement for those wishing to gain an insurance license. However, pursuing further education beyond what is required can be the gateway to success. In addition to your education in the field of insurance, seeking a supplementary degree in business or marketing can be extremely helpful when it comes to the challenges of running your own firm. An advanced degree in law will lend credibility to your firm and make it easier to persuade clients to trust you. In the field of insurance, you can’t be too educated! If your schedule is too busy to permit traditional classroom education, consider night classes or online classes instead.

Improve Your Marketing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your company’s marketing is to overhaul your website. Make sure you’re updating regularly with fresh content to keep visitors engaged. Stick to a sleek, user-friendly layout that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things—customers should be able to find what they want without having to click around too much. And make sure your site is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly devices are considerably more effective at reaching an audience.

Expand Your Customer Base

Is there a demographic you’re not reaching? You may have an untapped market on your hands. Hone in on a target market. Study them and find out what they need. Study the ways in which your competitors are reaching out to them. You should be focusing on both what products you can offer that would appeal to your new market and what means of marketing are most likely to reach them.


Grab your business cards and hit the conventions! As with any business, getting your name out there is crucial. Attend insurance related seminars and meet people in related industries who can give you a boost. Contacts with financial planners, mortgage brokers, and even fellow insurance agents can turn into valuable leads for you and your company.

Add Policy Options

If your organization is founded on offering a single type of insurance—for example, auto insurance—it might be a good idea to diversify. While a streamlined vision is helpful in marketing your product, having a range of policy options can help you appeal to a broader market. Consider transitioning into a multi-line company and offering a variety of policies—homeowner, life, auto, and health, to name a few—in bundled packages. If single policy customers have been happy with you, they’re likely to consider adding additional policies if given the option.

Apply these tactics and you’ll see your insurance company grow to new heights!

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Super Visa Insurance

If you are a parent or a grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you would like to visit your family in Canada, one way to do it is to receive a super visa. One of conditions for obtaining a super visa is the availability of medical insurance that is called super visa insurance. Applicants for this type of insurance should be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Insurance is necessary to provide visitors with medical assistance in the emergency cases. There are many insurance companies that offer different policies, but are all of them provide a perfect solution for your needs? Some people, when buying super visa insurance, pay the most attention to rates. Yes, the price factor is undoubtedly important, but there are many other things you need to consider.

There are some basic requirements for super visa insurance:

  • it must be obtained in Canada;
  • its validity period must be at least 1 year;
  • the coverage must not less than $100 000.

Why Purchase Insurance in Canada?

There are basically two types of insurance. The one that is purchased in Canada is called Visitors to Canada, whereas insurance for Canada, bought in any other country, is called Travel Insurance. The latter can be cheaper, but it only acts as an addition to the basic state insurance of a country where the visa applicant resides. After leaving the homeland, an applicant may lose the right to obtain insurance in his/her home country, which leads to losing travel insurance as well.

Another important point: if an insurance event occurs you can call a Canadian insurance company and it provides an address of the closest clinic or hospital. When you get to such a medical institution it should already receive an application with your name so many formalities for filling out the papers will be solved easier for you.

Insurance Rates

Super visa insurance of 100,000 Canadian dollars is the minimum required amount of coverage. You can buy insurance for larger amounts: $150,000, $200,000, etc. In order to determine how much to invest in the purchase, you should carefully study the list of illnesses and diseases covered by insurance. It is better to pay more for coverage than in case of illness find out that it is not an insurance event and you will have to pay for medical care out of your pocket. The difference in the price of insurance plans with a coverage of $100 000 and $150 000 is not too big. Therefore, it makes sense to choose insurance with better coverage, providing yourself or your family with a full-fledged medical care. You can even get super visa insurance plans that include coverage of exacerbation of chronic diseases (in this case you need to look for an emergency medical insurance plan for pre-existing conditions).

As a rule, the price for insurance policy correlates with the age of an applicant. For instance, the cost of insurance coverage of $100 000 for 50 and 75-years-old applicants may differ by $ 1000.

You should also keep in mind that rates for super visa insurance may vary in different provinces. In Quebec, New Brunswick, Yukon, Northern Territories, and Nunavut prices may be higher as there are fewer insurance companies on the market. To get acquainted with the policy rates you can request super visa insurance quotes.

Deductible Fees

When purchasing insurance, many people do not pay enough attention to such an important aspect as deductible amount. This amount can vary from $0 to $1000. What does this mean? If a hospital charges for its services more than a deductable amount, then an insurance company pays only the difference between the amount in a bill and a deductable amount. If the cost of treatment is less than a deductable amount, then it is fully paid by a patient. For example, if medical travel insurance has $1000 as deductible amount, you have to pay all expenses up to $1000 for each new visit to a doctor. As a rule, insurance policies with higher deductible amounts are less expensive.

Some insurance companies offer deductibles per claim, while others – per period. What is the difference? In the first case, each time you visit a doctor, you pay a deductible amount from your pocket, and in the second case, you pay only the first time.

How Many Insurance Policies to Buy

If two members of your family enter Canada with super visa, then the insurance policies for them should be separate. What is it for? If a person decides to leave the country ahead of schedule without using insurance, a certain amount will be returned to this person. If the insurance is issued for two people and one of the parents applies for medical assistance in Canada, even in case of the early return home no refunds will be available. Besides, the travelers who have one insurance policy will have to return to the homeland together.

Cancellation and Renewal of Super Visa Insurance Policies

If a trip to Canada is canceled after you receive a super visa, you can cancel insurance or change its period. When entering Canada, super visa insurance must be valid. If the visa is denied, then the amount you paid for insurance may be returned without fees.

The super visa insurance policy is canceled in two cases:

  • when a person returns home;
  • when a person acquires provincial medical coverage.

After the early departure of a person from Canada and the cancellation of super visa travel insurance, a certain amount of money can be returned. To do this, you will need to provide a passport with the appropriate stamps and a ticket. A necessary condition for the return of the unused insurance cost is an absence of claims for the insurance events.

If you are going to renew insurance after the expiry of the insurance period, it must be done at least 48 hours beforehand and the important condition of renewal will be an absence of applications for medical assistance.

Super visa medical insurance is valid throughout Canada, so you can safely move from one province to another. In this case, you need to inform your insurance company about the change of address. If a person changes location within the same province, then the new address is reported only in case of insurance event.